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Equipment 3M Equipment Control products reveal if the sterilizer is operating to set conditions of time, temperature, pressure, air removal, moisture conditioning and sterilant exposure. Exposure 3M Exposure Control products help to distinguish between processed and unprocessed medical devices at a glance. They assure the sterilizer

Proven effective for broad use, low temperature sterilization of heat and moisture sensitive medical instruments and devices 3M™ Steri-Vac™ 5XL and 8XL dual-cycle 100% ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilizer/aerator systems are designed to provide today’s highest level of sterilization assurance – using time-tested EO

3M offers a full line of synthetic casting tapes and splints for use in conservative fracture management. For more information visit casting and splinting product information

A trusted leader in innovative auscultation technology, Littmann stethoscopes are renowned worldwide for unsurpassed quality. For more information visit Diagnostics and Diagnostic Equipment:

Since many of the microorganisms responsible for surgical site infections reside on the patient's own skin, pre-operative skin preparation helps reduce risk of surgical site infections. 3M provides solutions for pre-operative hair removal, patient skin prepping and OR draping.